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What is a covered yarn?

From long ago making yarns have been referred to as spinning into yarn, i.e. "Tsumugu", and a spinning tool as "Tsumu".
The Tsumu has been developed to "Fukurotsumu (Tsumu which has a hole in the vertical direction)". The Fukurotsumu imported from abroad is referred to as a hollow spindle or drilling spindle.

The yarn which passes through the hole of the Fukurotsumu is referred to as a core yarn and the yarn which is twined around the core yarn is referred to as a sheath yarn. This work has come to be referred to as "covering" in the sense that the sheath yarn protects (covers) the core yarn.

We use latex or polyurethane elastic fiber as a core yarn and synthetic fiber or natural fiber as an outside yarn i.e. a sheath yarn and twine them around the core yarn in the right and left directions so that we can manufacture a textured composite yarn which provides elongation and pulling strength according to your needs.

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Changes in the external environment and customer's needs

As sewing work shifts to China and Southeast Asia, the production base from which the materials are obtained also has moved overseas (especially, sales for apparel are decreasing year by year, and our company is no exception).

Under such circumstances, the domestic textile industry finds a way to develop high-value-added products and produce them. There are not many of customers who want products with higher value added, but they surely exist, and the quality and functions required by them are increasing.

Clothes with sensor device (smartwear) combined with wearable device for athletes, for example, are putting into practical use.

In such cases, there is a need that the clothes closely contact with the user's body and have stretchability so as always to follow the movement of the body in order to efficiently collect various data.

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